Friday, 18 September 2020


Hello my lovely's, Welcome to my new website, I am so excited to share my beautiful looking site with everyone. My blogging journey first started in July 2014 with me writing about general lifestyle and my own personal experiences in things, But that was left behind for a little while for something new in my life in 2017.

After just finishing studying for 4 years and completing a Fashion Communication BA Honours degree in July 2020, I am now starting a new blogging journey and will be writing and creating my own content. 

After a few years of doing what I really enjoy, passionate about and putting my heart and soul into what I love, I see myself actually making my blogging and writing into a fully known business and me becoming an influencer in something I create and making a difference in peoples lives and in the world.  

I wanted a simple layout and lovely designed template for my website starting from scratch and to start right back at the beginning again with something completely new. With this time completely creating my very own beautiful content in images, with weekly updates and regular blog posts for all of the brands and projects I carry out. So all the latest trends and information are in the one place and in an order which is easy to see and read.  

 The NEW is easy to navigate with features for each of my pages. You'll be able to shop and research all the different styles and content of beauty, fashion, fitness, food, style, trends, travel and wellness and viewing all blog content I create.

Well, as we all know since March 2020 it hasn't been great and not been a nice time at all, but I am not going to let that bring me down and dampen my moment! it's time for a fresh start, to leap big and to go bigger than ever!
 Sending from me to you a massive "Thank you" to all my followers for all your love, support and for always being here with me online over the many years and to date!

 I will keep you all updated regularly on here and on my social media pages at @imdebellis on my content I create and please do keep stopping by every now and then to have a catch up and have read each time, with adding a little comment on the box below on the post once you have finished, if you wouldn't mind.

ALSO: Would you be interested in collaborating with me? wether you're a business, brand or person I would love to hear from you! or would you like to be involved being a model in my content I create? if so, all contact details are on the 'work with me' page above. 

If you would like to message me for anything, you are so more then welcome too! I am always up for a chat whether its via email or social media, go for it and speak soon!

D x 

What do you think of the new website?

Have a look around and let me know what you think in the comments below! I love hearing what you have to say. 

Deb Ellis xxx

Photos: Deb Ellis @imdebellis


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