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This autumn there are lots of new editions and different styles of the quilted skirt that is the newest trend on the high street stores and online. Theres quite a few textures that are available and you can buy, with many colours with different patterns in the material of cotton, thermal, padded, luxe leather look from the short look to knee length.

The different textures of the fabric were important this year with the designs coming in with sustainability and care of the fabrics that designers are now using to make a different in the world of clothing. 

 I personally like fashions in my outfits that are clean with a basic style and with my look in my content, I styled with a dark coloured quilted skirt with a white colour light jumper top with boots! Many brands have created a different collections of light and dark colour quilted skirts, but personally I love the colour black or a really dark colour in skirts. especially when you wear a plain white t-shirt or one with one worded quotes or a little long sleeve top or jumper and keeping it casual basic...especially for a hubby date night out!

People that know me, knows that I am not one for wearing a short, short skirt...but since I have been studying my fashion degree for the past 4 years and been creating new fashion to blog, I am trying and doing lots of new and different styles and I am really loving the look that I am creating for myself and at the age I am. Who says you can't be stylish in your late 30's!!  

The fashions of this skirt, there are so many ways of styling a quilted skirt with other clothings that can make it look so different in style. You can dress it up for a night out, especially when it comes to wearing a nice shinny heels that completely sets a who are looks in itself. What ever the look you create - you are going to look absolutely lovely!

Black quilted skirt

Cream long sleeve sweater

Teal Blue Coat



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