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Photo Taken: 02/2018

My running journey started in February 2018 because I was getting my fitness into a place to walk up Pen Y Fan mountain in the following august to scatter my Daddy's asses at the top. I wanted to be in a healthier place to be able to manage to one carry out my dads wishes to be there and experience it and second to be able to reach the top with out being unable to breath, feel ill and everything that goes with it when you feel unhealthy.

Up Pen-Y-Fan Mountain August 2019

How did I get into running? Well the wishes of my dad really inspired to start my fitness journey and I started by downloading the couch to 5k app on my phone. The first to 5k I walked to then starting it all over again and started the running, what I loved about the app is that you could do it at your own pace.

What is Couch to 5k? Couch to 5k is a 6 week training plan where you learn to run, each week alternates between 90 seconds walks, one minute jogs and builds up for longer each time as you go along, I like this because it allowed me to catch my breath. I used the fitness 22 app for my training. 

The runs are every other day so it gives you a rest day in between each session.

Couch to 5k app that are available in the UK (links below)



How many days did I run while training? When I was doing the 5k app I was only running 2, sometimes 3 days a week because the last time I run was when I was about 15 years old at school (LOL!) so I didn't want to over work my legs and body. Once I got into running which for me it was quite quick I run a couple of more days but that was months after I had completed the app. 

How do I fit in training? I've learnt along the way of my running journey sometimes you can't run everyday and that you do need to rest your body in between some running days. When I was at university full-time a couple of months ago I would make myself fit in a 2 or 3 days an evening, but now that I have finished my Uni course I run more or less everyday.  

Getting prepared to start running...

- Wearing the right clothes/trainers for running

- Plan your running days

-  Run with someone if you can or join a running club that provides couch to 5k if you get bored easy.

- Research into running and warm ups.


Me, Myself and I

When I started running for the first time I couldn't even run for the full 1 minute non stop without getting out of breath, which I felt quite embarrassed about it when my husband asked me how I did, but mind over matter got the better of it and the longer time I run with the app over 6 weeks the more better I got. For the first two weeks of me running I didn't break a sweat, the third week adds a longer jog and definitely got my blood flowing and I got out of breath for the first time with also feeling the burn on my calves. but it wasn't until the fourth week that I really felt like I was feeling the run.

I felt better with my breathing and my body was able to cope so much better with the movement with running. When the 5k app finished I did it over again from the beginning and then after the second time that's when my real running began for me. 

After several months of just running slow, I started to pick up the pace and running a little bit faster each time I ran. after several months of running on my own I started to get quite bored so I looked around for a running club and that's when I found Flyers Southend, this is a group that is organised by people that arrange different runs in the weekdays and weekends. Since I have joined I have met some many lovely people and ever since then I have run local runs and now entering runs, half marathons and even applied to do run the London Marathon 2021! So keeping all fingers crossed as this has been something I have always watched and said out loud that I wished I had the power to do that and now I am there!  

I didn't take any photo's though-out my running journey due to me feeling not very good in my own skin at the time, when I started the couch to 5k I was a size 16 in clothes size (some 18 in some smaller clothes with fashions) Now that I have lost a little weight for me and I am in a much better place with the way I look and feel...I am now going to blog every milestone of my running journey so I can help others that feel like I did and sometimes still do. 

If you had asked or said to me that I would be a runner today I would laugh at you and tell you are mad!!! I would highly recommend anyone to start running not only does make you feel good but it takes you on a journey that you can't describe! 

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