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So as you have seen and know from my Instagram posts @imdebellis that back at the end of December 2019...Me, hubby and my two boys ventured out and travelled to America and our first stop was Miami for four days.

We come to South Beach, Miami and stayed at the Bentley Hotel in a Deluxe suite with balcony at the side of the building. I absolutely loved where we were staying because of being right on top of the Miami beach just 1 min walk over the road to it and also being right in the middle of ocean beach (yep, the home to the Bad Boys films). On the roof of the hotel was a hot tub and swimming pool, which me and my eldest son spend every morning together watching the sunrise while in the hot tub and making the most of the early rise for the short time we were in Miami.  

The four days that we were in Miami we just had a chill one, when we got to the hotel in the afternoon about 3pm on the day we arrived, we just threw all our belongings into our room and ventured out to have a quick look around to see what there is. With also us a couple of times going for midnight to 2am walks down ocean drive, enjoying the warm air and beautiful blue, pink, purple skies. 

Me and my two boys making memories with fun and photos

I fell in love with Miami that much that I got a tattoo of a palm tree on the inside of my left ankle by Empire Ink Tattoo on Washington Avenue, you can find them on thier instagram on @empireinkstudios I have had an idea of that once I start travelling more and go to places I fall in love with I am going to get a little tattoo each time for a place I have been...Oops this girl might look like a map once I am old and grey...Oh well it so worth it!

While Miami was a chill one for us, it was a fun one as well, because this was the first time away abroad we have had together as the four of us as a family for many years. Half the time was spilt between chill time with walking on the beach, having fun in the roof top swimming to going out shopping and for dinner...Yes I am one for lunching and dinning at home and now away, because I have caught the bug to travel and now my boys are much older and can't hold their own more, I can see the world a little more for me.   

Supporting all the women out there being whatever size they are and celebrating thier naked body at Lincoln Road shopping mall statues  

As in the shopping wow if I had the money I would have come home with a whole new wardrobe of clothes, accessories and bags! Oh and probably have gone bankrupt after! The shops are amazing and massive. There are lots of single shops down ocean drive and yes I visited as many as I could! But also at the end of the beach of the avenues is Lincoln Road shopping mall and was even more in my element with also so many food unit and restaurants...Yep you guessed right, went home with no change! 

Me and my sissy (and our two families) celebrating into the New Year at Ocean Drive's street party oh and me stuffing my face with a big fat slice of pizza as well!!! 

While we were in South Beach we were there for New Years and celebrated into 2020 with a street get together that was happening in Ocean Drive, the atmosphere was amazing! everyone dancing to the music and massive fireworks display that was put on at the beach at midnight with the street party continuing until the early hours of the morning! This was our first time away for the new year so such beautiful memories we have together and even maybe looking to making it an every now and then and make it something that we do either as a family or just me and my hubby when the kiddies are much older.

Me and Hubby on Fort Lauderdale Beach for a quick evening visit before we drive onto our next destination Orlando. 

The Bentley Hotel is 4* and we booked our rooms on also our flights as well...We booked them both at the very last minute, like a couple of days before we left the country...Which worked for us, So if you are thinking of going to South Beach, Miami I would high recommend it, because I absolutely fell in love with this place and I am definitely looking to go back there, even if it is for another 3 or 4 days.
Bentley Hotel, Ocean Drive
 For information on their hotel and rooms with got and what you get for the money, services and more details here 

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